_messages (2018-2020)


When was the last time you felt awe during a performance? Not impressed or great respect for: the scenography, dramaturgy, musical composition, performative accuracy, display of stream-lined theatrical elements, but truly surprised by something occurring in the space around you – the last time you felt amazed by a performed moment that was completely unforeseen?

Ensemble Aabat introduces to you a production which guides its audience into unforeseen performance situations. A work that entices audience members and incites them as they are guided through a large theatrical space and time in varying, unexpected ways.

_messages is a collaborative work from StentonDotPress (Richard Stenton) and Katelyn King that draws parallels between the two meanings of the word medium–the medium as a human connector to the afterlife, taken from the Spiritualist Movement in the US and UK beginning in the 1840’s–and the medium as a communicative tool we use to relay content. Both forms contain messages.

Originally conceived during the 2018 Darmstadt International Summer Courses as a part of the Artistic Research seminar, _messages had the format of a guided new music theater installation for one person at a time. The artistic interest during the seminar was to use technological media to enhance a theatrical setting of a séance, to re-create the feeling of a present unknown.

After a very well received performance at the Darmstadt Summer Course, _messages is now under expansion to be evolved into an evening-length performance for a larger audience and space. The expanded version of _messages contains two great potentials:

1.    Individualized performance interpretations set anew to each new venue, the score composed in a way that must be adapted to each new performance setting---creating a large breadth of touring options and most importantly, lasting artistic relativity AND

2.    An experiment and testament to creating new compositional models in the new music theater realm---the score containing many different elements of publication that capture the atmosphere of each performer outside of their purely musical capabilities

We embrace the self-diagnosed musician, composer, artist.

We strive to create a production that is composed for four characters instead of four instruments. Sound personalities.  

With that in mind, _messages will sound something like:


_messages will have its new composed score and concept completed at the beginning of 2020 with the premiere following in the spring. We are now looking for co-producers, festival programmers, venues, and interested parties who would be enthusiastic about bringing our production to their space.

Please fill out the contact form on the contact page to obtain further information and the official project dossier (available in German and English).

New Commissioning Project with Swiss Composers Antoine Chessex and Arturo Corrales (2019-2020)

Ensemble Aabat is excited to announce its new collaboration with composers Antoine Chessex and Arturo Corrales! The project being highly focused on new music and sound, is centered around the electronic juxtaposition and cohesion of the two composers’ differing styles of composition. The project will contain four sound personalities, still morphing at the moment but somewhere centered around: percussion/drum kit, electric guitar, noise sound/clarinet/no-input mixer and paetzold flute/no-input mixer/effects.

The new project will have its premiere in Switzerland the fall of 2020, and we are currently searching for touring options thereafter. For inquiries or requests for the dossier, please fill out the form on our contact page.

More about the composers:

Born in Vevey in 1980, Antoine Chessex is a sound artist whose works assume a wide diversity of forms crossing the boundaries between Noise, (de)composition, improvisation and artistic researches. To learn more about Antoine, check out his homepage below:


Originally from El Salvador (born in 1973), Arturo Corrales is a swiss-based composer whose work is often inspired by ethnic and popular domains. Constantly attentive to the formal coherence of his works, to the control of their projection in space and time, Arturo strives to facilitate the expression and the perception of a "livable and human" music. To learn more about Arturo, check out his homepage below: